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Save Time, Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency when you outsource our Bijou Media HR team. We help maintain control and improve structure over employee relations, training and development, recruiting services and more. 

Not only will outsourcing Bijou's HR team be a huge stress reliever, it will also significantly improve the day to day operations of your business.

Virtual Assistance

As the saying goes, time equals money therefore there is none to waste. Hiring a professional team to handle your work load will increase your overall efficiency. Be where you are needed most and let Bijou Media handle the menial day to day task. 

Hourly Project

Monthly Subscription

Project Based

Public Relation Services

Bijou Media is dedicated to using its vast resources in getting your brand out through various channels. Whether your goal is to reach local, regional or international audiences, we have you covered. 

Corporate Event Management & Décor

Bijou Media has over 10 years experience in creating lasting event experiences. Our experienced event management team has the agility to manage people, content, branding, lighting, sound, and visuals to breathtaking effect, Therefore we have both an imagination for what’s possible and the experience to know what’s doable. Event Marketing is right in our wheel-house from creating event websites to creation of programs including speakers, agenda, social media, venue and registration. Our scope of services include panning for corporate events, understanding of logistics, entertainment, audio visual, fabrication, catering, presentations, breakout sessions, social engagement and the marketing leading up to and following up after your event.

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