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Bijou Media was established in May 2018 and ever since its launch, has already provided many premium transformations for its clients from small businesses to executive corporations in just its first year. However, this dedication runs much deeper than meets the eye as Bijou Media isn't just a service based company, it also aims to educate businesses through events such as workshops, business bootcamps and conferences as additional opportunities for aspiring businesses in their quest for elevation. Bijou Media hosted their widely successful debut event known as "Brunch & Business" in July 2021, a brunch business conference which incorporated initiatives such as marketing, branding and financial advice from corporate professionals in their respective fields. The event was sold out and was covered by all major media outlets. In the wake of "Brunch & Business", Bijou Media continues its commitment to business development and being the #1 trusted navigator to take you from premium!


In a saturated market, our mission is to provide enhanced, strategic visibility to our clients taking them from basic to premium.


Bijou Media has proved to be effective in getting the job done. We believe in a less talk more action approach to all projects to give out client the best ROI. Why invest if they are no benefits to reap?

  • Effective ROI Strategies

  • Innovative & Strategic Thinking 

  • Results Oriented Project Development


Managing Director/ Founder

Ms. Phillips has been in the field of marketing, sales and customer services from the time she was a young girl. In fact, she was recruited from studies at University to work on marketing projects, being outsourced for services such as social media management, content creation and employee coaching, as well as implementing marketing strategies for various companies. She is passionate about innovative thinking and has always had a knack for finding solutions whenever faced with obstacles. Bijou Media & Business Strategist was created to increase companies' visibility in saturated markets. This visibility would result in a growth in brand awareness and sales, ultimately laying the ground work for a successful future.

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